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Ep. 49: BP Tile and Stone | Brandon Painter

April 02, 20241 min read


What Makes BP Tile and Stone a Good Neighbor...

Brandon is a Virginia Beach local that started BP Tile & Stone three years ago with over 25 years of experience in construction. BP Tile & Stone and its employees specialize in Schluter systems and custom tile & stone installation.

In the past five years, Brandon has overcome many obstacles that could've easily derailed his business's success. In 2019 Brandon made the choice to get sober and that changed his entire life. Two years later and in the middle of a pandemic, Brandon opened BP Tile & Stone. In 2022 he had a seizure and was diagnosed with an AVM, almost losing his life. With the support of his friends, family, community, and his amazing medical team, Brandon's health improved. With the support of his talented and trustworthy employees, Brandon's business continued to thrive as well. 

Brandon and his team are committed to bringing quality, custom tile installations to homes and businesses in Virginia Beach and its surrounding areas.

For More Information:
BP Tile and Stone LLC
Brandon Painter
Instagram- @Bptileandstone
Facebook- Brandon Painter

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