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Ep. 42: Happy Camper Bar Co | Rachael Blake

January 31, 20241 min read

What Makes Happy Camper Bar Co a Good Neighbor...

I'm Rachael, owner & operator of Happy Camper Bar Co. My partner, Kevin, and I have spent most of our lives in the hospitality industry, doing all things food and beverage; with my background in events and bar management and Kevin's background as a (super amazing) Chef, we just knew it was time to channel that into a business of our very own! We are truly passionate about creating unique and memorable experiences for our guests and we couldn't be more excited to finally bring that to life with Happy Camper. When we aren't creating tasty cocktails or shuckin’ oysters, you can find us campin, paddlin, or adventurin with our two sweet doggos, Madison & Suki. Happy Camper Bar Co. was created to provide a full-service beverage catering option for clients and event planners alike. With over 20 years of experience in the events industry, we bring a well-educated team of experienced bartenders and unique bar rentals to create a truly unforgettable bar experience for you and your guests. Our crew consists of the most personable, fun-loving, and professional local bartenders and staff with deep roots in the service and hospitality industries. Bartending teams are available with or without a mobile bar rental and pricing is dependent on your total guest count!

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