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Ep. 45: Souls on Fire Holistic Health and Wellness | Lindsay Vance Bean

March 02, 20241 min read

What Makes Souls On Fire Holistic Health And Wellness a Good Neighbor...

Lindsay Vance Bean is the owner of Souls on Fire Holistic Health and Wellness and is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. She is passionate about connecting with people and helping them implement sustainable changes that allow them to reach their goals and optimally thrive.

Lindsay specializes in holistic health and wellness that includes nutritional planning, movement, mental health support, mindset work, and implementing self-care practices. Having gone through her own health and wellness journey leading to bodybuilding, she understands that we all have a unique journey and that our bodies are nourished in many ways. Lindsay believes strongly in the mind, body, soul connection and is honored to help her clients find the root cause of the issues preventing them from feeling their best and create individualized and holistic plans that allow them to be nourished and flourish.

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Souls On Fire Holistic Health & Wellness

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